Electroacupuncture or Auricular Acupuncture vs Usual Care for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

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Effectiveness of Acupuncture vs Usual Care for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain – The PEACE Randomized Clinical Trial PEACE The acronym PEACE comes from the Personalized Electroacupuncture vs Auricular Acupuncture Comparative Effectiveness (PEACE) clinical trial. The trial was conducted over three years and completed in April 2020. Three hundred and sixty adults were included in the study. All of the … Read More

Cancer Screening And Treatment During Pandemic

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Cancer Screening And Treatment During Pandemic CDC and NIH along with other leading medical officials agree that washing hands, wearing masks, and social distancing are still important tools we have to stop the spread of Covid-19.   Delayed Cancer Screenings During COVID-19 Several surveys have shown that Americans are opting not to be screened for … Read More

Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women

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On May 19, 2020 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a paper confirming that multiple genes predispose black women to breast cancer. This study is called Contribution of Germline Predisposition Mutations to Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women. According to the CDC African American women are more likely than Caucasian women to get triple negative breast cancer. … Read More

How proton radiotherapy can kill cancer in milliseconds

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Radiotherapy For the first time, researchers are using protons to administer radiation therapy in a matter of milliseconds. the technique kills cancer cells while protecting healthy tissue. According to the American Cancer Society, more than half of cancer patients go through radiation therapy. Radiation works by damaging cancer cells’ DNA. ait also damages healthy cells. … Read More

Want to be in a clinical study?

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New Opportunity Participating in a clinical trial can give patients an opportunity to play a more active role in their own healthcare, give access to new research and treatments before they are available to the general public, and help others by contributing to medical research. The first step in deciding whether to participating in a … Read More

Could a drug you may already be taking help stop cancer?

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Huff Post UK has reported on a drug commonly used to treat Parkinson’s disease that may also be used to stop cancer in some patients. Carbidopa, a drug used by many Parkinson’s patients has been shown to inhibit the growth of tumors in mice according to the Huff PostUK article and the Biochemical Journal. Professor Aideen Sullivan, University College, … Read More

The states with the highest cancer rates

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Rate Your State The states with the highest cancer rates Where does your state rank for cancer rates?  Here you can learn more about the states with the highest cancer rates around the country. The author Marisa Iati of NJ Advance Media for NJ.com links you to many resources including the CDC, and 247wallst.com.  Last on the list … Read More

Scientists Developed Molecule To Kill Cancer Cells

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As reported in In the journal Cancer Cell, scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY, explain how they tested the molecule, called BAX Trigger Site Activator 1 (BTSA1), on acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells. They have developed a molecule that triggers cancer cells to die off without harming healthy cells. Learn more here.

Cancer Fighting Foods

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Cancer Fighting Foods The Mayo Clinic produced an excellent video describing foods that are   Cancer Fighting Foods because they are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are natural cancer fighters as they get rid of free radicals throughout our bodies.

New therapy has my cancer on the run, says patient

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Researchers in the UK are using genetic engineering to reprogram leukemia patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer. The NHS was among the first to authorise the use of Car-T therapy, which is extremely expensive — with a list price of £280,000 ($355,544.00) per patient. For cancers of the blood, Car-T is considered cutting edge treatment. This video from … Read More

Mesothelioma Basics

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We’re hearing a lot about this cancer from worker’s compensation attorney’s commercials on television. They’re concern is with your pocketbook. They play an important role in managing your care. Our concern is your health. We offer evidence based  information from clinical studies, medical journals, and scientific papers. Benign Mesothelioma Benign Mesothelioma is not cancerous. According to the … Read More

Connection Between Ovarian and Breast Cancer

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Making the Connection Between Ovarian and Breast Cancer The connection between ovarian and breast cancer is related to the inherited mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Having one of thesh gene mutations predisposes women to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. According to the University of Colorado Gynecologic Oncology, “BRCA 1 & 2 are involved in DNA repair … Read More

Does Eating Organic Lower Cancer Risk?

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Does Eating Organic Lower Cancer Risk? Does eating organic lower cancer risk? By now you’ve probably heard of the “dirty dozen”. In case you haven’t, it’s a list of foods that have a high incidence of pesticides. In 2018 it became a bakers’ dozen with 13 items the Environmental Working Group advises consumers to buy … Read More

Chemicals in vegetables prevent colon cancer in mice

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Chemicals in vegetables prevent colon cancer in mice. A new study from London’s Francis Crick Institute confirms what we’ve been hearing for years. Eat your veggies! Researchers have confirmed that chemicals in vegetables prevent colon cancer in mice. The research paper, published on August 21 2018, in  Immunity, shows that mice on a diet rich … Read More

Environmental Toxins

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Environmental toxins are all around us in our everyday lives. They hide in places we would least expect. NIH National Cancer Institute explains that substances in the environment can actually damage our DNA. Damaged DNA can lead to changes in our cells, which then leads to cancer. Some of these substances can be avoided easily. … Read More

What’s worse, sunscreen or sunshine?

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Sunscreen or Sunshine? We’re having a great summer where I live. Twenty two days in a row have been sunny. Here in Western New York that’s a lot! As I slather on my 55 SPF moisturizer I’ve been wondering; What’s worse, sun screen or sunshine? Should I keep spending my money on sunscreen? I decided to … Read More

Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough?

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Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough? Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough? NBC ran a story on this in 2017 citing a New England Journal of Medicine study that asked Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough? found extending therapy extends protection from recurrence. Breast cancer survivors will want to discuss these new findings with their doctors. The … Read More

Could blocking these proteins stop breast cancer?

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BRCA1 and BRCA2 Could blocking these proteins stop breast cancer? Could blocking these proteins stop breast cancer? Researchers have discovered that blocking certain proteins that respond to progesterone prevent breast cancer in those who carry high-risk genes. Carrying BRCA1 and BRCA2 tumor suppressor gene mutations raises the risk of developing cancer. This study was reported on in … Read More

Hollywood’s Secret Cancer Survivors

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Hollywood’s Secret Cancer Survivors  Hollywood is well known for its scandals and cover ups.  Hollywood’s secret cancer survivors are coming forward to tell the rest of us it happens there too. All types of injustice have been known to happen in Hollywood. Mm+any victims have stayed quiet for years. The pain that goes along with … Read More

Exercise Should Be Prescribed To Cancer Patients

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Clinical Oncology Society of Australia The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia researchers have published a paper finding that exercise should be prescribed to cancer patients. Exercise should be prescribed routinely along with the typical chemo, radiation treatments. The paper concludes that not doing so can be harmful to patients battling cancer. The “Exercise Pill” The … Read More

Long Term Survivorship

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Long term survivorship Long term survivorship will pose new problem to our health care system. There are over 15 million cancer survivors just in the U.S. alone, yet survivors have not been the focus for cancer researchers and health care providers. According to the American Cancer Society there will be 20.3 million survivors by 2026. With numbers … Read More

Liquid Biopsy

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Liquid Biopsy As tumor cells devide and grow they shed DNA which travels through the patients blood streams. This new Liquid Biopsy blood test looks for the shed DNA. Jocelyn Kaiser writes, in her January 18, 2018 article for Science, about work being done by Joshua D. Cohen et al. The team has developed, CancerSEEK, a … Read More

Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice in study

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Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice in study Stanford researchers have found a cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice in study. The researchers have found that activating T cells in mice’ tumors eliminated even distant metastases. The technique is in clinical trial now with Lymphoma patients. They are using two different agents in unison. By injecting minute … Read More

Tamoxifen promotes metastasis in some breast cancer cells

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Tamoxifen promotes metastasis in some breast cancer cells Tamoxifen works by blocking estrogen in the breast tissue by attaching to the estrogen receptors in breast cells. Recent studies show that tamoxifen promotes metastasis in some breast cancer cells. The drug has been used as a first-line endocrine treatment for  breast cancer for decades. Tamoxifen resistance In … Read More

New treatment for drug-resistant skin cancer

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Potential new treatment for drug-resistant skin cancer More than fifty percent of metastatic basal cell carcinomas are already resistant to currently approved drug treatments at time of diagnosis.  These basal cells show no signs of known resistance-associated genetic mutations. This leaves researchers wondering how the cells manage to evade treatment. Now, though, there maybe a new … Read More

Gut Microbes Combine to Cause Colon Cancer

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Gut Microbes Combine to Cause Colon Cancer, Study Suggests We’ve known for some time now that our gut is where our immune system resides. Now we also understand that gut microbes combine to cause colon cancer. Dr. Cynthia Sears, an infectious disease specialist, and her colleagues at the Johns Hopkins’s Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy … Read More

FDA Approves First Treatment for Breast Cancer With a Certain Inherited Genetic Mutation

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FDA Approves First Treatment for Breast Cancer With a Certain Inherited Genetic Mutation This is a major breakthrough for women with this inherited genetic mutation. It is the first time a drug has been developed to treat women with metastatic breast cancer who have a “BRCA” gene mutation. Richard Pazdur, M.D., director of the FDA’s Oncology … Read More

Pink Hair Don’t Care

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Pink Hair Don’t Care If you’re brave enough to face cancer then you can wear pink hair don’t care what anyone thinks! This is the story of cancer researcher turned cancer patient. Jessica Baker turned her life long passion for math and science into a career of finding medications for cancer patients who have little … Read More