Mesothelioma Basics

April 12, 2019By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Mesothelioma Basics We’re hearing a lot about this cancer from worker’s compensation attorney’s commercials on television. We offer evidence based mesothelioma basics. information. Benign Mesothelioma Benign Mesothelioma is not cancerous. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, “Benign mesothelioma is a growth of the mesothelium that does not spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. Benign mesothelioma tumours are not usually … Read More

Connection Between Ovarian and Breast Cancer

March 13, 2019By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Making the Connection The connection between ovarian and breast cancer is related to the inherited mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Having one of thesh gene mutations predisposes women to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. According to the University of Colorado Gynecologic Oncology, “BRCA 1 & 2 are involved in DNA repair and cell growth, but when … Read More

Does Eating Organic Lower Cancer Risk?

February 5, 2019By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Does Eating Organic Lower Cancer Risk? Does eating organic lower cancer risk? By now you’ve probably heard of the “dirty dozen”. In case you haven’t, it’s a list of foods that have a high incidence of pesticides. In 2018 it became a bakers’ dozen with 13 items the Environmental Working Group advises consumers to buy … Read More

Chemicals in vegetables prevent colon cancer in mice

October 10, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Chemicals in vegetables prevent colon cancer in mice. A new study from London’s Francis Crick Institute confirms what we’ve been hearing for years. Eat your veggies! Researchers have confirmed that chemicals in vegetables prevent colon cancer in mice. The research paper, published on August 21 2018, in  Immunity, shows that mice on a diet rich … Read More

Environmental Toxins

August 4, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Environmental toxins are all around us in our everyday lives. They hide in places we would least expect. NIH National Cancer Institute explains that substances in the environment can actually damage our DNA. Damaged DNA can lead to changes in our cells, which then leads to cancer. Some of these substances can be avoided easily. … Read More

What’s worse, sunscreen or sunshine?

July 20, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Sunscreen or Sunshine? We’re having a great summer where I live. Twenty two days in a row have been sunny. Here in Western New York that’s a lot! As I slather on my 55 SPF moisturizer I’ve been wondering; What’s worse, sun screen or sunshine? Should I keep spending my money on sunscreen? I decided to … Read More

Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough?

July 7, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter 2 Comments

Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough? Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough? NBC ran a story on this in 2017 citing a New England Journal of Medicine study that asked Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough? found extending therapy extends protection from recurrence. Breast cancer survivors will want to discuss these new findings with their doctors. The … Read More

Could blocking these proteins stop breast cancer?

June 25, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

BRCA1 and BRCA2 Could blocking these proteins stop breast cancer? Could blocking these proteins stop breast cancer? Researchers have discovered that blocking certain proteins that respond to progesterone prevent breast cancer in those who carry high-risk genes. Carrying BRCA1 and BRCA2 tumor suppressor gene mutations raises the risk of developing cancer. This study was reported on in … Read More

Hollywood’s Secret Cancer Survivors

June 3, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Hollywood’s Secret Cancer Survivors  Hollywood is well known for its scandals and cover ups.  Hollywood’s secret cancer survivors are coming forward to tell the rest of us it happens there too. All types of injustice have been known to happen in Hollywood. Mm+any victims have stayed quiet for years. The pain that goes along with … Read More

Exercise Should Be Prescribed To Cancer Patients

May 7, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Clinical Oncology Society of Australia The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia researchers have published a paper finding that exercise should be prescribed to cancer patients. Exercise should be prescribed routinely along with the typical chemo, radiation treatments. The paper concludes that not doing so can be harmful to patients battling cancer. The “Exercise Pill” The … Read More

U.S. doctors plan to treat cancer patients using CRISPR

April 29, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

DNA GPS U.S. doctors plan to treat cancer patients using CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Palindromic Repeat). The best way to describe what some doctors are already doing in China is to say they are using DNA GPS to alter specific genes. Clinical Trials University of Pennsylvania doctor said, in January 2018, they were in the … Read More

Dogs Trained To Sniff Cancer

April 13, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Dogs Trained To Sniff Cancer These dogs trained to sniff cancer are truly amazing! They have been trained to sniff out different types of cancer in patients already diagnosed. Some have had a 95% accuracy! These dogs could be the key to early detection in the future.  Prostate Cancer The “Olfactory detection of prostate cancer … Read More

Long Term Survivorship

March 27, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Long term survivorship Long term survivorship will pose new problem to our health care system. There are over 15 million cancer survivors just in the U.S. alone, yet survivors have not been the focus for cancer researchers and health care providers. According to the American Cancer Society there will be 20.3 million survivors by 2026. With numbers … Read More

Liquid Biopsy

March 9, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Liquid Biopsy As tumor cells devide and grow they shed DNA which travels through the patients blood streams. This new blood test looks for the shed DNA. Jocelyn Kaiser writes, in her January 18, 2018 article for Science, about work being done by Joshua D. Cohen et al. The team has developed, CancerSEEK, a blood test … Read More

Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice in study

February 16, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter 2 Comments

Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice in study Stanford researchers have found a cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice in study. The researchers have found that activating T cells in mice’ tumors eliminated even distant metastases. The technique is in clinical trial now with Lymphoma patients. They are using two different agents in unison. By injecting minute … Read More

Wig Out! Wig Exchange

February 13, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Wig Out! Wig Exchange Laura Carfang is working hard to make a difference in the lives of cancer patient’s and survivors. Wig Out! Wig Exchange is one way she’s doing it. The website is absolutely beautiful, easy to read and navigate, and it bright and cheerful. The sight is just full of info and links. … Read More

Tamoxifen promotes metastasis in some breast cancer cells

February 11, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Tamoxifen promotes metastasis in some breast cancer cells Tamoxifen works by blocking estrogen in the breast tissue by attaching to the estrogen receptors in breast cells. Studies show that tamoxifen promotes metastasis in some breast cancer cells. The drug has been used as a first-line endocrine treatment for  breast cancer for decades. Tamoxifen resistance In 2008 … Read More

New treatment for drug-resistant skin cancer

February 7, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

Potential new treatment for drug-resistant skin cancer More than fifty percent of metastatic basal cell carcinomas are already resistant to currently approved drug treatments at time of diagnosis.  These basal cells show no signs of known resistance-associated genetic mutations. This leaves researchers wondering how the cells manage to evade treatment. Now, though, there maybe a new … Read More

Gut Microbes Combine to Cause Colon Cancer

February 5, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

Gut Microbes Combine to Cause Colon Cancer, Study Suggests We’ve known for some time now that our gut is where our immune system resides. Now we also understand that gut microbes combine to cause colon cancer. Dr. Cynthia Sears, an infectious disease specialist, and her colleagues at the Johns Hopkins’s Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy … Read More

Can weight gain be caused by tamoxifen?

January 25, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter 2 Comments

Can weight gain be caused by tamoxifen? The answer might surprise women who take this medication to prevent a breast cancer recurrence. Medical News Today is reporting on a study called the Women’s Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) study. Published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment it examined more than 3,000 breast cancer … Read More

FDA Approves First Treatment for Breast Cancer With a Certain Inherited Genetic Mutation

January 22, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

FDA Approves First Treatment for Breast Cancer With a Certain Inherited Genetic Mutation This is a major breakthrough for women with this inherited genetic mutation. It is the first time a drug has been developed to treat women with metastatic breast cancer who have a “BRCA” gene mutation. Richard Pazdur, M.D., director of the FDA’s Oncology … Read More

Pink Hair Don’t Care

January 9, 2018By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

Pink Hair Don’t Care If you’re brave enough to face cancer then you can wear pink hair don’t care what anyone thinks! This is the story of cancer researcher turned cancer patient. Jessica Baker turned her life long passion for math and science into a career of finding medications for cancer patients who have little … Read More

DCA Possible Cure

December 28, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

DCA Possible Cure DCA is controversial in that the FDA has yet to approve its use for cancer treatment although it is used in other medical procedures in the US. While this treatment is a political hot button patients hang in the balance. Some question the independence of the FDA itself. DCAWatch Other sites that … Read More

Birth Control Pills Protect Against Cancer, Too

December 14, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

Birth Control Pills Protect Against Cancer, Too Scientists in Denmark reported a study, which followed 1.8 million Danish women for more than a decade. Widely held assumptions about modern contraceptives for younger generations of women were found faulty. Many women have believed that newer hormonal contraceptives are much safer than those taken by their mothers … Read More

Survey How We Use The Internet For Support

December 2, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

Survey You can help a future physician learn valuable info about how we use the internet for support by answering a quick survey. You girls here are so supportive of each other I knew right away where I needed to share this! Here’s her original post. Research Survey-Internet Use and Social Support from breastcancer … Read More

The Link Between Cancer and Unexpressed Anger

November 26, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

There is a category of medical oncology called Psycho-Oncology that deals with the link between cancer and unexpressed anger. There is mounting evidence that survival rates for women increase dramatically when they express their negative emotions including anger. It’s not just emotional expression that impacts survival it’s emotional support as well. A major study, of … Read More

Hair Dye Linked To Breast Cancer

November 19, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, along with Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School researchers reported in June they have found a link between certain hair products and breast cancer. Dark hair color and chemical relaxers/straighteners have been linked to increased risk of estrogen-positive breast cancer. The study found African American women … Read More

Alcohol Is A Risk Factor For Some Cancers

November 9, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

In their position paper, The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) issued a call to action to limit alcohol in an effort to prevent certain cancers. Alcohol is classified as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Cancer Research. “Dr. Noelle LoConte, a member of ASCO’s prevention committee who is the lead author of the position … Read More

New Lymphedema Drug Treatment In Development

November 2, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

New Lymphedema Drug Treatment In Development Stanford Medical School has a new drug treatment for lymphedema in development. Lymphedema occurs after the lymphatic system has been damaged often by cancer or the treatment for cancer. It can be painful and disfiguring. This new breakthrough will come as much relief to millions of sufferers. Read more … Read More

How Does Excess Weight Drive Breast Cancer

October 29, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

Does being over weight or obese play a part in breast cancer? This research answers this question. Dr. Stephan Herzig, director of the Institute for Diabetes and Cancer at Helmholtz Zentrum München conducted this research. He found that metastatic breast cancer cells have reduced ACC1 levels compared with healthy cells, more so among obese subjects. Read more … Read More

Is Sugar Causing Cancer?

October 28, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

Is Sugar Causing Cancer? A recent study in the journal Nature Communications answers the question “is sugar causing cancer?”  The study looks at the cancer cells appetite for sugar.  Johan M. Thevelein, senior author of the study and a professor at KU Leuven in Belgium was asked whether he believes that eating sugar leads to a … Read More

Cancer Medication Grown In Chicken Eggs?

October 24, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

One of the biggest problems with Cancer Drugs is the cost. Most people can’t afford them and even many insurance companies refuse to cover them. This development could reduce the cost of some cancer medications by 90% according to this story on CNN. “They have successfully genetically modified hens to produce eggs containing large amounts … Read More

FDA Approves new gene altering cancer treatment

October 20, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter No Comments

    This is an incredible development that was just approved on Wednesday october 18th 2017.   In short the treatment involves taking millions of the patients T-cells, freezing them and shipping them to a processing facility, in El Segundo, California where they will be genetically altered to kill cancer cells, refrozen, shipped back to the … Read More

Advice For Husbands Whose Wives Have Breast Cancer

October 9, 2017By CancerSmarterCancerSmarter

Advice For Husbands Whose Wives Have Breast Cancer Program director of Cancer Support Community Delaware, Sean Hebbel has tried to start a support group for husbands of women fighting breast cancer but few show up. Most men are accustomed to fixing stuff so when husbands do participate they are given specific tasks like sitting with their … Read More