There are millions of blogs dedicated to breast cancer. Many are big corporations reacching out the women the serve. Here are some of the most popular sites and blogs.

Corporate Sites & Blogs

American Cancer Society has a vast website that can’t  really be called a blog. This link goes to their breast cancer info.

Susan G. Komen is a corporation that since 1982, has funded more than $920 million in research, more than $2.0 billion in medical care world wide.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation has many programs designed to support women effected by breast cancer.

The blogs below are written by actual individuals who have been affected by breast cancer. Over time many of the posts have made me laugh, some made me cry, all made me think. I hope you can enjoy these posts.

Personal Blogs


href=””>Nancy’ Point is a great blog with posts of her personal “journey” that bring laughter and tears.

Double Wammied holds a lot of info! Diane Mapes is a published author, freelance writer and breast cancer survivor.

Chemo Brain Fog is the work of AnneMarie Ciccarella, a Breast cancer survivor. She is part of a campaign to get all clinical trials reported on. Good stuff here.

Journey Beyond Breast Cancer is a beautiful blog with poetry, inspiring quotes, and something called mindful Monday.

Let Life Happen is written by award-winning blogger Barbara Jacoby. The blog is part journal of her two cancer battles, part exploration of pertinent topics.

But Doctor I Hate Pink chronicles Ann Silberman‘s battle with terminal metastatic breast cancer. It’s an eye opener.


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