Here’s a list of freebies for breast cancer patients and survivors. All sites listed offer very important and meaningful services or products to those in need. If you or a loved one is undergoing breast cancer treatment you’ll want to take a look at this list. In many cases you can make requests on behalf of your loved one.

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the generosity of some of these groups during my own BC journey. There’s something comforting about receiving a gift from a stranger. It can restore your faith in humanity and can help you stay afloat in desperate times.

Medical Garments & Medical Alert Bands

This is an important service for patients living with lymphedema. All 4  One Lymphedivas can provide lymphedema sleeves for qualified patients. There’s an application process through

Before any surgery people living with lymphedema will want to be sure medical staff know which arm or leg is effected. offers wrist or ankle bands with the words “Alert Lymphedema” to be worn into any surgery.

Breast Cancer Services

Cleaning services can be essential during treatments for cancer. The organization offers this service free of charge to breast cancer patients

Beauty & Care Packages

After mastectomy many women need prosthetic devices to help them look more like they looked befor Breast cancer. Knitted Knockers fill this need.

A great program called Look Good Feel Better holds group workshops to teach beauty techniques to cancer patients. The program helps women combat the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. They provide a beauty kit individualized for each participant.

A site called is put together by four women from one family that has had more than its share of breast cancer. They send out nice care packages to breast cancer patients.

The site called provides pretty scarves along with a hand written note from all of their staff for free to women undergoing cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer Charities has a nice program to help women undergoing breast cancer treatment. It’s called Feeling Beautiful Again. They provide a care package with beauty supplies donated from different sources.

The site called Lump to Laughter offers “hope bags” to newly (6 months) diagnosed breast cancer patients. There is a religious aspect to this site.

Financial Assistance

The American Breast Cancer Foundation has a nice web page explaining their grant programs. The foundation has limited funds that are available for medical procedures related to breast health.

The Pink Fund provides 90 days of non-medical cost of living expenses to breast cancer patients actively undergoing treatment.


  • Hello. I am a breast cancer survivor. I was lucky in a sense that i had a rare tumor that was able to be removed without losing my breast. I had 67 radiation treatments. I had a new treatment that was Calle a cubist radiation at the time. It worked great cause its been 8 years this year andIamcancer free. Just have a smaller left breast but i can work with that ..I’m alive.. thank you for hearing my story cause my husband was my only support and help. None of my children came or helped. I’m alive and would like some of your free products to show my respect to ALL BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS. THANK YOU

    • Patty, so glad to hear you’re doing well! Our support teams are so important to us! To get the freebies you have to send to the places listed in the links. Click on the blue links in the article to find out how to apply to each one. Also a bit of advice for the future, it’s best not to post your address on comments such as this. It’s safe to put it on an application for a product to be mailed to you but this is a public website.

    • Patty you’ll need to apply for each offer individually though each link in the article. Thanks for your interest.

    • Cathy you have to apply to each offer through the links in the article. Click on the blue links and you should find applications for the offer. Best wishes and best health to you in your journey.

    • Thank you Susan. We are trying to help too by offering any new info that we come across that might offer someone new hope. Best wishes to you on your journey.

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