Mom and Daughter Boldly Going Bald Together

Young Rosie has a condition called alopecia that has left her bald. In the story Mom and Daughter Boldly Going Bald Together we see a mom learning valuable lessons from her daughter. As an experiment Rosie decided to go to school with no hat and to her delight her friends didn’t laugh at her. Rosie’ classmates treated her with empathy.

Bald Is Beautiful

Rosie’s mom learned about bravery from Rosie. When Rosie’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, in 2016 she had already seen the face of bravery in her daughter. The two have a special message for women or girls facing this baldness…”Bald Is Beautiful!”

The photo shoot in this article shows the ladies’ beauty inside and out. They dressed up for their glamor shoot in long gowns and earrings. They both prove bald is beautiful.

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