Survey How We Use The Internet For Support

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Survey You can help a future physician learn valuable info about how we use the internet for support by answering a quick survey. You girls here are so supportive of each other I knew right away where I needed to share this! Here’s her original post. Research Survey-Internet Use and Social Support from breastcancer … Read More

The Link Between Cancer and Unexpressed Anger

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There is a category of medical oncology called Psycho-Oncology that deals with the link between cancer and unexpressed anger. There is mounting evidence that survival rates for women increase dramatically when they express their negative emotions including anger. It’s not just emotional expression that impacts survival it’s emotional support as well. A major study, of … Read More

Hair Dye Linked To Breast Cancer

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Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, along with Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School researchers reported in June they have found a link between certain hair products and breast cancer. Dark hair color and chemical relaxers/straighteners have been linked to increased risk of estrogen-positive breast cancer. The study found African American women … Read More

Alcohol Is A Risk Factor For Some Cancers

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In their position paper, The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) issued a call to action to limit alcohol in an effort to prevent certain cancers. Alcohol is classified as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Cancer Research. “Dr. Noelle LoConte, a member of ASCO’s prevention committee who is the lead author of the position … Read More

New Lymphedema Drug Treatment In Development

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New Lymphedema Drug Treatment In Development Stanford Medical School has a new drug treatment for lymphedema in development. Lymphedema occurs after the lymphatic system has been damaged often by cancer or the treatment for cancer. It can be painful and disfiguring. This new breakthrough will come as much relief to millions of sufferers. Read more … Read More