Beyond Mamograms – NPR

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This piece explores the choices physiscians have when deciding what screening tool is best for each individual patient. Kathrine Hobson discusses the controversy around mamaography, MRI, and 3-D mammogrophy. Read more here: Beyond Mamogram

Racial Gaps Persist In Breast Cancer Survivors

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Racial Gaps Persist In Breast Cancer Survivors A study, by theUniversity of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, analyzed the quality of life of 2,100 female breast cancer survivors in North Carolina during treatment and two years after diagnosis. The study found differences in how black and white women functioned and … Read More

Cancer Moonshot

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VP Bidens’ “Cancer Moonshot” Clinical Trials If you or someone you love has a cancer diagnosis you’ll want to take a look at this initiative lead by VP Biden. Read more here: “Right now, less than five percent of cancer patients enroll in a clinical trial,” he said, “often because patients and doctors … Read More

An eye opening look at cancer treatments

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Cancer Treatment Documentary – Exploring the difference between conventional treatment of cancer versus natural/alternative treatment. We compare the use of natural medicine versus the use of chemotherapy and radiation. Also discussed is the alternative treatments themselves, their benefits, as well as cancer survivors that were able to successfully treat their cancer naturally, without side effects … Read More

Does your survival of cancer depend on what insurance you have?

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NPR published a story  about two recent studies show that people with private health care insurance were diagnosed earlier and lived longer than people covered by Medicaid. One study examined data from more than 13,600 patients, the other from more than 10,200. Read more here:

New Cancer Treatment Gets Doctors Excited

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This could be a big breakthrough in treating cancer with non-toxic treatments. ABCNews says “It’s called “molecularly targeted therapy.” The treatment consists of drugs designed at the molecular level of the cell to specifically attack and kill only the cancer cells of a specific type of cancer. And they are tailor-made to recognize specific molecules … Read More