Skin Care After Radiation

Radiation treatment can cause debilitating side effects such as burns, scaring, fatigue, and anemia. Dealing with these side effects can be challenging. This article will focus on skin care after radiation.

Understanding Radiation

Before we begin our discussion on skin care let’s get some basic info about how radiation works. The National Institutes On Health (NIH) National Cancer Institute has a good overview here.

Skin Care After Radiation

Patients treated with radiation are usually advised to avoid the sunshine after radiation as both are actually radiation. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Recommends… “Keeping treated areas out of the sun and away from extreme temperatures is also crucial. Unless your doctor approves, you should not use sunscreen on treated areas until you have completed treatment. Cover up instead with clothing, wide-brimmed hats, or sunglasses, and seek out shade when exposed to the sun. has a page called Skin Care Tips that explains the function of radiation therapy as a treatment for cancer.

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