How proton radiotherapy can kill cancer in milliseconds

January 14, 2020By CancerSmarterBreast Cancer, Cancer Research, Clinical Trials, Lung Cancer, Research

Radiotherapy For the first time, researchers are using protons to administer radiation therapy in a matter of milliseconds. the technique kills cancer cells while protecting healthy tissue. According to the American Cancer Society, more than half of cancer patients go through radiation therapy. Radiation works by damaging cancer cells’ DNA. ait also damages healthy cells. … Read More

Cancer Fighting Foods

September 12, 2019By CancerSmarterFood Info, Research, Videos

Cancer Fighting Foods The Mayo Clinic produced an excellent video describing foods that are   Cancer Fighting Foods because they are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are natural cancer fighters as they get rid of free radicals throughout our bodies.

Connection Between Ovarian and Breast Cancer

March 13, 2019By CancerSmarterBreast Cancer, Research

Making the Connection Between Ovarian and Breast Cancer The connection between ovarian and breast cancer is related to the inherited mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Having one of thesh gene mutations predisposes women to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. According to the University of Colorado Gynecologic Oncology, “BRCA 1 & 2 are involved in DNA repair … Read More

Does Eating Organic Lower Cancer Risk?

February 5, 2019By CancerSmarterFood Info, Research

Does Eating Organic Lower Cancer Risk? Does eating organic lower cancer risk? By now you’ve probably heard of the “dirty dozen”. In case you haven’t, it’s a list of foods that have a high incidence of pesticides. In 2018 it became a bakers’ dozen with 13 items the Environmental Working Group advises consumers to buy … Read More

What’s worse, sunscreen or sunshine?

July 20, 2018By CancerSmarterResearch, Skin Cancer

Sunscreen or Sunshine? We’re having a great summer where I live. Twenty two days in a row have been sunny. Here in Western New York that’s a lot! As I slather on my 55 SPF moisturizer I’ve been wondering; What’s worse, sun screen or sunshine? Should I keep spending my money on sunscreen? I decided to … Read More

Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough?

July 7, 2018By CancerSmarterBreast Cancer, Research, Treatments

Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough? Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough? NBC ran a story on this in 2017 citing a New England Journal of Medicine study that asked Extended Endocrine Therapy: Is 5 Years Enough? found extending therapy extends protection from recurrence. Breast cancer survivors will want to discuss these new findings with their doctors. The … Read More

Could blocking these proteins stop breast cancer?

June 25, 2018By CancerSmarterBreast Cancer, Research

BRCA1 and BRCA2 Could blocking these proteins stop breast cancer? Could blocking these proteins stop breast cancer? Researchers have discovered that blocking certain proteins that respond to progesterone prevent breast cancer in those who carry high-risk genes. Carrying BRCA1 and BRCA2 tumor suppressor gene mutations raises the risk of developing cancer. This study was reported on in … Read More

Exercise Should Be Prescribed To Cancer Patients

May 7, 2018By CancerSmarterCancer Treatments, Research

Clinical Oncology Society of Australia The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia researchers have published a paper finding that exercise should be prescribed to cancer patients. Exercise should be prescribed routinely along with the typical chemo, radiation treatments. The paper concludes that not doing so can be harmful to patients battling cancer. The “Exercise Pill” The … Read More

Liquid Biopsy

March 9, 2018By CancerSmarterBreast Cancer, Diagnostic Testing, Research

Liquid Biopsy As tumor cells devide and grow they shed DNA which travels through the patients blood streams. This new Liquid Biopsy blood test looks for the shed DNA. Jocelyn Kaiser writes, in her January 18, 2018 article for Science, about work being done by Joshua D. Cohen et al. The team has developed, CancerSEEK, a … Read More

Is Sugar Causing Cancer?

October 28, 2017By CancerSmarterCancer Research, Food Info, Research No Comments

Is Sugar Causing Cancer? A recent study in the journal Nature Communications answers the question “is sugar causing cancer?”  The study looks at the cancer cells appetite for sugar.  Johan M. Thevelein, senior author of the study and a professor at KU Leuven in Belgium was asked whether he believes that eating sugar leads to a … Read More