The states with the highest cancer rates

October 20, 2019By CancerSmarterCancer Research, Resources

Rate Your State The states with the highest cancer rates Where does your state rank for cancer rates?  Here you can learn more about the states with the highest cancer rates around the country. The author Marisa Iati of NJ Advance Media for links you to many resources including the CDC, and  Last on the list … Read More

Mesothelioma Basics

April 12, 2019By CancerSmarterMesothelioma, Resources

We’re hearing a lot about this cancer from worker’s compensation attorney’s commercials on television. They’re concern is with your pocketbook. They play an important role in managing your care. Our concern is your health. We offer evidence based  information from clinical studies, medical journals, and scientific papers. Benign Mesothelioma Benign Mesothelioma is not cancerous. According to the … Read More

Environmental Toxins

August 4, 2018By CancerSmarterResources

Environmental toxins are all around us in our everyday lives. They hide in places we would least expect. NIH National Cancer Institute explains that substances in the environment can actually damage our DNA. Damaged DNA can lead to changes in our cells, which then leads to cancer. Some of these substances can be avoided easily. … Read More

Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice in study

February 16, 2018By CancerSmarterCancer Research, Resources

Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice in study Stanford researchers have found a cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice in study. The researchers have found that activating T cells in mice’ tumors eliminated even distant metastases. The technique is in clinical trial now with Lymphoma patients. They are using two different agents in unison. By injecting minute … Read More

Gut Microbes Combine to Cause Colon Cancer

February 5, 2018By CancerSmarterCancer Research, Colorectal, Resources

Gut Microbes Combine to Cause Colon Cancer, Study Suggests We’ve known for some time now that our gut is where our immune system resides. Now we also understand that gut microbes combine to cause colon cancer. Dr. Cynthia Sears, an infectious disease specialist, and her colleagues at the Johns Hopkins’s Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy … Read More