DCA Possible Cure

DCA is controversial in that the FDA has yet to approve its use for cancer treatment although it is used in other medical procedures in the US.

While this treatment is a political hot button patients hang in the balance. Some question the independence of the FDA itself. DCAWatch

Other sites that claim to uncover falsehoods hold little credibly with some. Snopes

Clinical Trials

Studies are being conducted in the US on DCA as related to neurotoxicity. Keep in mind that current chemo treatment in the US has irreversible neurological effects. You can learn about these USA studies here.

The Port Moody Health Centre in Vancouver Canada

There are “integrative” care centers that are treating cancer patients in the USA. There is one in Reno Nevada called Reno Integrative Medical Center.

Learn more about DCA here.


The governments of both Canada and the US have not given the okay to treat humans with this synthetic drug.  Canadian Cancer Society’s perspective on DCA