Dogs Trained To Sniff Cancer

These dogs trained to sniff cancer are truly amazing! They have been trained to sniff out different types of cancer in patients already diagnosed. Some have had a 95% accuracy! These dogs could be the key to early detection in the future. 

Prostate Cancer

The “Olfactory detection of prostate cancer by dogs sniffing urine: a step forward in early diagnosis” study shows that dogs can be trained to detect prostate cancer with about 90% accuracy.

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This article,  from Pine Street Foundation, reveals how long we’ve known that cancer and other illnesses have a scent. The authors, Michael McCulloch, Kirk Turner, and Michael Broffman, explain that Hippocrates (ca. 460 BC to ca. 370 BC) mentioned odor changing in febrile patients in the medical text Prorrhetics II. “The doctors nostrils indicate much and well in (the case of) fever patients; the odors, however, differ a lot.”

Lung & Breast Cancer

This research now extends to lung and breast cancer. Professor Tadeusz Jezierski, ScD, of the Polish Academy of Sciences used dogs noses as the “medical device” of choice for his research. While the researchers offer more details in the actual study they claim ”The dogs’ ability to correctly identify or rule-out lung and breast cancer, at both early and late stages, was around 90%.”! 

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