Could we be close the end of toxic chemo?

Medical News Today is reporting an exciting new development in the cancer research world. Could we see the end of toxic chemo?

Blocking vitamin B-2

A new study at the University of Salford in the United Kingdom and published in the journal Aging found a compound that can stop cancer cells spreading by blocking vitamin B-2.

The research team, led by Prof. Michael Lisanti, was looking for a non-toxic therapeutic agent that would target the mitochondria of cancer cells.

Depleting cancer cells’ energy. 

The research team found a compound called diphenyleneiodonium (DPI) chloride. DPI blocked vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) which depleted the cells of energy.

Prof. Lisanti said “Our observation is that DPI is selectively attacking the cancer stem cells, by effectively creating a vitamin deficiency.  By turning off energy production in cancer stem cells, we are creating a process of hibernation.”

The scientists believe this is a game changing development in cancer treatment. “We believe,” say the scientists, “that DPI is one of the most potent and highly selective [cancer stem-like cells] inhibitors discovered to date.”

The journal entry can be accessed here.

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