Government Study Suggests Cell Phones May Cause Cancer in Rats

Results of a decade long study of the effects of cell phone radiationon on rats and mice have been released today. The study reports a slight connection between the two. The study showed malignant tumors grew in the nerves and hearts of male rats only.

The twenty five million dollar study, conducted by the NIH National Institute’s National Toxicology Program, lasted more than a decade is unlikely to resolve the heated debate over cell phone safety.

The cell phone industry, consumer safety advocates, and health agencies are all at the center of the debate. For example FDA, FCC AND American Cancer Society conclude that there is no proven health risk from the radiation emitted form cell phones and that they are safe.

Yet the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified cell phone radiation as a possible human carcinogen, and in May of 2015, a group of almost 200 independent scientists from 39 countries called on the United Nations, World Health Organization, to hold cell phones manufacturers to stricter safety controls.

To learn more about cell phone safety from Consumer Reports here. Read the original report from the National Institutes of Health here.