Long term survivorship

Long term survivorship will pose new problem to our health care system. There are over 15 million cancer survivors just in the U.S. alone, yet survivors have not been the focus for cancer researchers and health care providers.

According to the American Cancer Society there will be 20.3 million survivors by 2026. With numbers like these our health care system will be stressed and will be forced to make some big changes. This article asks some important questions such as who will offer care for these long term survivors. As the system is stretched to its limits we can only guess what changes will need to be made.

Dr. Leach and her team are studying long-term side effects in survivors of major cancer types, such as breast, prostate and colorectal. Dr. Leach and her team are among a very small group of researchers that are looking at long term survivorship.

Read about Dr. Leach and her work here.