Pink Hair Don’t Care

If you’re brave enough to face cancer then you can wear pink hair don’t care what anyone thinks! This is the story of cancer researcher turned cancer patient. Jessica Baker turned her life long passion for math and science into a career of finding medications for cancer patients who have little or no treatment options. Then she became one of them.

The Link Between Researcher and Patient

After her diagnosis of breast cancer she tested positive for the HER2 gene using a screening tool that she helped implement. Her background gave her insight into her cancer that most of us have to get from our physicians. Her background also gave her the knowledge that there was very effective treatments for her cancer.

Baker understands how personal the battle is for patients and for researchers. She said “We are on the same side of the equation working toward a mutual goal of overcoming this devastating disease and living longer, healthier lives.”

What Pink Means

“For me, pink is not just a color, it’s a symbol of our ongoing fight to beat this disease and pursue new advancements in the field of medicine.” Jessica said. For many women pink has been hijacked. The color doesn’t always stand for noble causes but this researcher’s got it right. is full of inspirational, and informative articles about the innovations coming out of the biopharmaceutical industry.

At age 36, this resarher became a cancer patient. See her story here.