Prostate Cancer Fighting Foods

The effect of diet on prostate cancer is actively being researched in seeveral studies.  These studies are indicating that a plant-based diet may be the best choice for men with prostate cancer. We’ll look at prostate cancer fighting foods as well as these studies. 

Lifestyle Changes

ScienceDaily looked at a study from the University of California – San Francisco published in the September 2005 issue of the Journal of Urology. That study found that there was a direct correlation between the lifestyle changes men made and the changes in their PSA. The lifestyle changes the participants made included, vegan diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes supplemented with soy, vitamins and minerals. They also participated in moderate aerobic exercise, yoga/meditation, and a weekly support group session.

We have compiled this list of foods to avoid and foods to eat.

Foods To Eat

Tomato   –  Lycopene

Broccoli/Cruciferous Vegetables  –    Isothiocyanate Carrots/Sweet

Potato  –    Carotenoids & Antioxidants

Whole Grains   –   High Fiber

Beans or Legumes  –    Protein & Low Fat

Lean Red Meat (3oz)  –    Iron & B Vitamins

Foods To Avoid

High Fat Dairy

Processed Meat & Fatty Red Meat


Saturated Fat

The journal Nature has compiled a very comprehensive list of studies showing a correlation with low fat diets and lowered proliferation of prostate cancer. 

You can read the journal Nature study here

The website has a recently medically reviewed web page that shares links to studies and trials of new treatments. You can read about it here.