Reducing Recurrence Risk

This is a great page to find ways of reducing recurrence risk of breast cancer. There are ten lifestyle changes offered that may help. Their videos hit so close to home! The discussion about the fear of the future really touched a nerve. My pink sisters, you might find the videos also reach you.

Ten lifestyle changes that may help

One of the women said she made no lifestyle changes after diagnosis. Some were already following the common lifestyle practices but still had a cancer diagnosis. Reducing stress and living in the moment seems to be key for most women.

All of the lifestyle changes listed are commonly heard and most of us are already following. It can’t hurt to take another look and be sure we’re really living our best life. Here are the first 5 pieces of advice.

  1. Take care of yourself emotionally
  2. Take care of yourself physically
  3. Eat Healthy
  4. Reduce stress
  5. Limit alcohol

If you’re concerned about recurence take a look at this page for further information. Whatever your lifestyle choices are I wish you all the best health and future happiness.

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